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Social Media - Adding Organic Traffic To Your Business

Small businesses mostly rely on three basic free traffic sources: Google, Social Media and Directory Sites.  Numerous research show that people today spend over 4 hours on different kinds of social media and it is only going to increase.   The fact is, if your business in not found on social sites, probably you are missing a lots of organic traffic. It’s not that businesses owners are not aware of it, they are!  But  most local businesses have neither enough time nor expertise to successfully run and manage social media campaigns. 

Good news is, our tailored packages make social marketing accessible for small business with affordable budgets.  Don’t leave your social presence up to chance. 

Rather than stretching your team thin, let a dedicated agency handle your social media services so you can focus on your business. 


What value does social media content marketing provide?

If you are asking the question, ‘what will I benefit spending on social media services?,’ probably you have not understood the purpose of social presence.
The right way to think is to treat your social media efforts as an asset and any efforts put towards it will always end up in compounding effect overtime.

How Does Successful Social Strategy Work?

Does hiring a Social Media Agency Is More Affordable?

Wondering whether to hire an in-house social media manager or work with an agency? Let’s break it down. 
  1. Bringing on a full-time social media pro can cost upwards of $6,000 per month when you factor in salary, benefits, training, and other expenses. But you’d have someone dedicated just to your brand who deeply understands your business.
  2. Partnering with an agency generally costs you way less than in-house team. You’ll get access to a full team of experts in strategy, content, and more. While they’ll need to get to know your brand, a good agency will quickly get up to speed.
  3. For most local businesses, the agency route is the most cost-effective. You can scale their services up or down as your needs change, rather than committing to a full-time staffer. It allows you to get access to the best talents without the risks of hiring someone in-house.
Speaking about pricing, there is no one-size-fits-all, for the simple reason each of the businesses have their own requirements. But focusing on your budget and capabilities can help determine if an agency or in-house manager is the best fit. 

Let’s chat more about what social media support would work for your local business!

Let's Get Started

Ready to boost your social media presence? Contact us to discuss which package best fits your business needs. We'll help you determine the right combination of platforms and services to meet your goals.

Social Media Content service

We offer a range of services focused on social media management, including monthly plans, optimization of Facebook business pages, graphics creation, Ad copy, Ad management, development of engaging social media posts, business related blog writing etc. If you’re seeking assistance with your social media efforts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

SMM Micro-Services

We offer various kinds of social media content services at an affordable price tag. Want help setting up and optimizing profiles? Our social media setup services can ensure you get the most out of each platform.

Dedicated Social Media Posting

A social media posting service handles scheduling and publishing original branded content and engaging with followers across selected platforms on a business's behalf.

FB Business Page Setup

Professional Business page setup, social cover, optimized page header, info, upload business assets like logo and and related images, optimize the page, sync business info from business website, post 7 days content.

Ad Creatives For Facebook

For $35 per pack, this service offers the fastest way to get ready to go Facebook ad creatives with original copy, relevant hashtags and images for your campaign. We always create new Ad copy for each of our clients. 

Engaging Social Media Content

Developing original text, images, and graphics tailored for each social platform and audience. This can include content strategies, calendars, and schedules.

Instagram-Twitter-Snapchat-LinkedIn Setup

Professional Business page setup, upload logo, optimized cover, create capturing header, info update, integrate website link, update 2 posts, follow/unfollow autoresponder (twitter).

Pixel Integration

We help to implement advertising pixels from various platforms like Facebook and Google into a website to enable detailed tracking of conversions and optimize ad campaigns. 

Facebook Paid Campaigns

Creating and managing paid ad campaigns for Facebook and Instagram to boost your social engagement, to get more leads and sales.

FB Business Page Optimization

First, we optimize your business profiles with stunning imagery, featured products/services, messaging notifications, and much more—highlighting the best of your brand.

Ad Creatives For Facebook

For $35 per pack, this service offers the fastest way to get ready to go Facebook ad creatives with original copy, relevant hashtags and images for your campaign. We always create new Ad copy for each of our clients. 

Our Service Plans

Compared to other companies, the services we cover is much more valuable to the price tag. It’s because we sincerely want to help you succeed. Our social media posting services can ensure you get the most out of each platform.  We focus on core platforms that work synergistically to drive results: 
  • Facebook reaches all demographics for both B2C and B2B success.
  • Twitter encourages engagement and directs traffic to your website.
  • LinkedIn facilitates professional networking to complement other channels.
  • Blogging builds trust and SEO.
Together these establish a robust online presence and multi-channel marketing strategy. We craft customized content tailored to each platform’s audience.  For best results, we recommend a 6-month minimum contract. Social media takes time to perform well, but you can cancel within 30 days if dissatisfied. After 6 months, go month-to-month or cancel anytime without fees.  Let’s talk social media goals and craft a plan to get you noticed, build engagement, and convert followers into customers. Contact us today to get started!

Social Media Content Posting Service




Any Chosen Plan Incurs Additional | $100 One time Setup Fee $350 / Month$450 / Month$550 / Month
Consultation and onboardingYYY
Plan Social Media StrategyYYY
Customize social media profile pageYYY
Social Media Page Optimization (Business description + basic info)YYY
Keyword and Hashtag researchYYY
Link business website with social postingsYYY
Weekly Posts: Niche specific engaging curated content, share testimonials, recreatioal, educational, inspirational content153060
Monthly Strategy CallYY
WhatsApp Direct AssistanceYY
Performance ReportYYY
Posting Platforms124
Monthly Blog ( Articles)246
Review PostingsYYY
Stock Images153060
Setup FeeYYY
12 original content posts monthly across your platformsYYY
Add On Services   
Setup Fee | $100YYY
Pixel Integration | $50Y
Google Analytics Implementation | $125Y
Dedicated Social Media ManagerYY
Page likes / Post likes and shares (100 Likes |Y

Our Other Services

whatsapp chat bot service

Lead Generation

Convert your visitors into sales up to 20 times more with the world’s top-ranking app, WhatsApp for Business. By embedding a chat service you get instant notification to your phone. Don’t let your inbound leads go waste.  Want to go beyond lead generation? Yes, you can! Send personalized promotions, holiday promotions, coupons, promote your products  and send discounts, and much more.

Services Briefing Video

Visual tool like video has become a powerful marketing tool these days. Local businesses who are specialized in their services could better showcase their services using video as a mode of communication to their clients. We have customized videos for law services, home services, health and food industry, beauty and photography and others. Our customized videos will make sure it will cover the services you provide and brand with your logo.

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If you land up as our client or not, we are here to help you.

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