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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most cost effective and measurable marketing solution every every online business needs employ from the very start of their online presence. In most simplest language, SEO is a careful planning (strategy) and execution of all forms of fundamental 'web-presence framework' that helps a business to be seen, heard, talked about and sought after for products and services. Putting everything in place and fixing all the loop-holes (Optimization) of your online business presence is what SEO about. At 'ShineOnLocal', we are committed to bring your business to life with our industry standard skilled SEO experts, employing only ethical SEO practices that every search engine loves, especially Google and Bing.

Our SEO Services are Driven by Measurable Actions
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Did you know?
* 90.8% of the search share is taken by Google?
* Well optimized Local SEO strategy can organically rank your business?

Let’s begin with an analogy: In an ocean of online businesses, yours is just a little droplet. No one knows what your business is all about unless you let the world know (Advertising) or let the search engines’ intelligent mind search for your business ORGANICALLY. Which one sounds better? While the first path may be a viable solution for a shorter duration of time or seasonally deployed, spending on ADS is not something sustainable for small businesses. On the other hand, SEO is the one you should go for for SURE SUCCESS. Period! And, when SEO is effectively perfected, you, as a business owner will be favoring yourself to rank your business online organically.

Benefits of Good SEO Campaign

Westchester SEO Services. Fine-Tuning Your Website for Local Search

Fine tune your website to local search intent keywords that actually rank your website. Identifying, analyzing and placing right keywords at right pages can does change the search results dramatically.

Increase in Web-Traffic
Higher the SEO quality score, better the traffic & steady growth in Organic Ranking 86%
Improve Your Website Usage
On-Page SEO dramatically increases the navigation capability resulting organic ranking 94%
Build A Strong Brand Presence
Site impressions leads to better positioning and higher ranking of your Brand on Google 76%
Cost Effective (High ROI)
By fine-tuning what you sell to what customer wants 89%
Boost Local SEO Search
On-site SEO contributes to web ranking 71%
Out-rank and legally steal customers from Google Search
Quality work always get's the reward....you start reaping from SEO organically 98%

Why Right thinking matters for SEO Success

We have seen hundreds of local service websites poorly designed, least optimized and never got them indexed. Frankly, this is a hopeless situation expecting Google to rank when they have not even fulfilled the basic requirements. Sadly, many business owners fail to understand this and expect their business sites to rank magically! We get it. 

That’s why we’ve made our SEO services simple and straightforward.  We don’t have one solution for all. But, basics first. We do what is most required first and build it from there. With our planned SEO growth strategy, you can be assured of the growth that your business has not seen before. 

SEO Growth Campaign In 4 Phases

1: Planning

Our advisors take the time to analyze your structure, business model, audience and competitors. Through these strong insights, we’re able to develop a digital strategy that gains you a competitive advantage.

2: Building

We selectively align those digital channels that will help your business in the long run. Our digital management team will strategically manage contents on only those selected digital channels that generate the promising ROI and help you hit your business objectives. 

3: Optimizing

Data is everything when it comes to search. We monitor and provide you with decisive business data, allowing you and your advisor to make smarter, faster decisions. The business intelligence insights will help reduce your costs, enhance revenue and improve margins.

4 : Monthly Reporting

SEO progress reporting involves analyzing the progress already achieved in website traffic, conversion rates etc. Further, we discuss strategies in optimizing website content for keywords, building high-quality backlinks, improving website speed and mobile responsiveness.  

6 Reasons Why Business Love to Work With 'ShineOn Local' for SEO Services Near Rye Brook & White Plains

Better Outcome

Our team will make sure that your every dollar you invest will find a real financial returns

Performance Specialists

You can be sure that you are in good hands when our experts are working on your site's optimization.

Comprehensive Reports

We are up-to-date in incorporating new trends, adopt them and integrate in our projects and report the same progress to you every month.

Promise Great ROI

Every effort is take to drive more conversions and better results by thorough research and optimization of the keywords.

Realistic Results

SEO is a long time game and we promise realistic results with in a reasonable time. SEO implementation involves lots of strategies for optimal results.

Our Guarantee

We are confident that our SEO services will surely make a difference and rank your site. If we don't bring results we promise to work for free until we bring results.

SEO Process + action Plan

Website Audit
target search
Keyword Research
Site Optimization
wheel-scale-measuring image
Content Optimizaton
Testing & Reporting

A Detailed Preliminary SEO Audit​

A preliminary report will showcase your current state of your SEO standing.  At this stage we can discuss your site’s strengths and weaknesses and give a glimpse into a how your site could become as a top-performer site in the months ahead.

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Find out where you stand in the SERPs. Discover your current rankings, how we can boost your rank, and your potential benefits from investing in our SEO.

On-Page SEO Service (Technical SEO)

Address all the measures that directly influence your position in the search rankings. Let us work on your meta-tags, title tags, URL structure, and more.

Content Research & SEO Charged Copywriting​

Optimizing your content with rich search intent keywords that people already looking for, which is backed by real time search data extracted from search engines. We’ll research the right keywords, incorporate them in a compelling copy, and make sure your website contains all the information customers look for.

Off-Page SEO

Improve page ranking factors that occur off of your website (e.g., backlinks). Apart from backlinks, we’ll also manage your domain authority and social promotion.

SEO Services We Offer

An SEO audit is like a full health checkup for your business website – it identifies what’s working well and what can be improved to attract more customers.
We’ll thoroughly analyze all the factors that impact your search visibility and ranking in Google and other search engines. This includes reviewing your website content, structure, speed, mobile-friendliness, and how easy it is for customers to find your site.
We’ll also evaluate your online presence outside of your website – like social media pages, local directory listings, customer reviews, and any backlinks pointing to your site. This helps boost your local search rankings.
The audit gives you insights into how people are currently finding you online and where your website may be missing out on visibility. It also benchmarks your performance against competitors.
Most importantly, we provide a detailed action plan with specific recommendations to improve areas like your website content, technical optimizations, link building, and local SEO. This strategy will help you gain more traffic from search and convert visitors into customers.
Regular SEO audits help identify new opportunities and stay ahead of Google updates. It’s a smart proactive investment to maximize your website’s marketing potential and improve your ROI. Let’s discuss how an SEO audit can benefit your business!
A solid foundation for your company’s online visibility starts with On-Site/Page SEO.  In fact, it is a the powerful web strategy we recommend for organic Web SEO Optimization. It covers a thorough research into the structural loopholes of your website and trace all the major factors that might be hindering your local site from ranking: schema, maps, NAP consistency and loads of factors. We inspect critical issues both technologically  and manually such as: webpage security (SSL) loopholes, page responsiveness/load speed, crawler behavior, device compatibility, web compliance, page accessibility, maps, NAP consistency, sitemaps/schema, page links and inter-links, broken links etc. If you want to read more about On-Page SEO read this blog, ‘A Good On-Page SEO Is All That You Need To Rank Quickly‘.
After a successful audit, we will be working on fixing each of these issues (if not all depending on the issues) and make sure that your website is at great standing for better page performance.  Cycle of human and machine monitoring will help us fine-tune lots of broken elements.   On-page SEO focuses on creating highly informative content containing the keywords your customers search to find your business.  Basic On-page SEO strategies include optimizing existing content on your current website, or creating new pages to rank against your competitors.
As part of our complete SEO audit, we provide a comprehensive technical review to identify any issues that may be negatively impacting your search engine visibility.
This includes a full analysis of your website’s speed and performance. We’ll check page load times, image optimization, website hosting, and server configuration. Fast load times are critical for good customer experience and SEO.
We audit your site’s mobile-friendliness and responsiveness across devices. Google favors mobile-friendly sites, so we’ll ensure your site works well on smartphones and tablets.
We’ll review your website architecture and site map to ensure ease of navigation. Easy site navigation helps customers find products/services faster.
We’ll check for proper HTML tags, meta descriptions, and Schema markup on all pages to improve SEO. Proper coding makes your pages visible to search engines.
We’ll also assess your internal linking structure and site security. Good internal links and SSL certificates also boost search rankings.
Our technical audit provides actionable tips to fix any issues we discover. This will improve site speed, security and mobile optimization – leading to better customer experience and search visibility.
Let us know if you would like us to perform a comprehensive technical SEO audit for your website!
Off-Page SEO is basically any time and effort put in by the business to boost the website signals for better search results.
Link building – Build links from relevant, high authority websites to your site to improve search rankings.
Local citations – List your business name, address and phone number consistently across key local directories like Google My Business, Bing Places, and Yelp to improve local SEO.
Google My Business – Over 90% of the online local traffic comes from Google My Business. Uploading relevant content can send great signals to Google and from business profile to your brand site.
Content Strategy
Content posted & shared off your website can send positive signals to your website. Example: social platforms, niche mini-blogs driving traffic, youtube, service sites, Local Ads, other paid ads, guest-posts etc
Social media marketing – Leveraging the power of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to drive awareness, engagement and traffic for your local business.
Online reviews – Proactively generate positive online reviews on sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp to build reputation and trust.
Local sponsorships – Sponsor relevant local events, sports teams, or organizations to increase local exposure and goodwill.
Offline marketing – Distribute flyers, run local ads and radio spots, sponsor events to drive offline traffic and awareness for your local business.
Content marketing – Create unique, relevant blog posts, videos, and other content assets to attract customers searching for local products/services.
Email marketing – Build an email list and send regular promotions, newsletters and offers to engage customers.
Business listings – Submit your business to national directories and listings sites to improve visibility.
Local business partnerships – Pursue strategic partnerships with complementary local businesses to do cross-promotions.
Custom crafted citations service built for local businesses with physical location.
Citation Cleanup & Web-Boost Campaign
– We fix Incorrect NAP info 
– We fix a whole lot of inconsistent/duplicate citations 
– Save hours of your time fixing by yourself
– After the fix, we give a boost so Google can find the new corrected citations quickly and efficiently


Do not go for SEO Services that are a quick fix!
Businesses who are serious about the long-term results,
go in for a reliable, efficient and durable service partners
with long-term commitment.

‘Investment on SEO is Your Company Asset, Not A Liability, Better ROI on Long Term Game’

SEO Optimization Solution Is Still

the First & the Best Solution We Recommend in 2023 and Beyond

FAQ - SEO Service

In fact 90% of our efforts go in helping local clients. See service industries below:

Brick & Motor businesses who have with or without websites but want to get found online.

Home Services and Contractors ( Electricians, Plumbers, Electricians, Roofers and General Contractors, Kitchen Renovation Companies, Countertop & Cabinet Companies, Garage Door Companies, Tree Service Companies, Moving Companies etc

Professional Service Businesses (Insurance brokers, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers)

Facility Providers such as storage, boat renters, vehicle and construction machine renters etc.

Let the facts speak for themselves.  Truth is about 85% of on line searchers never scroll past the first page of search engine results.  Hence, if you are a business owner and if you are not organically found on search results, it is as good as being non-existent when it comes to your industry.

Furthermore, SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate compared to a 1.7% close rate for outbound leads (radio/TV ads, direct mail, etc.) (HubSpot).

Thirdly, if you only businesses change the state of mind and think SEO as part of their initial investment, they will bear a plentiful fruit as long as they can reap. Period!

Technical SEO comprises of 3 front optimization: resolves technicality hinderances from 3 perspectives:  

  • Page Speed
  • Mobile-Usabe
  • User Experience 

There are so many data points to check upon to do On-page optimization. Here are a few of them:

  1. Content optimization
  2. Image optimization & Alt Tags
  3. URL Optimization
  4. Headings
  5. Internal link building
  6. External linking
  • NAP – Name Address, phone number building
  • Link building
  • Maintaining active social media accounts
  • Google My Business Optimization (Local SEO)

Yes, every month you will get a report on your SEO progress and work that has been done. We love showing our clients where they ware when we started and the stead growth that is taking place during a campaign.

If anyone promises you overnight results in an SEO campaign, believe us, you are being fooled. Yes, you will have much better search results from the time of starting the project – no doubt about it. But for the best results, you have to keep working on it for few months for a long-time best outcome. 

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