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You Are Out of Business If You Don’t Have A Prospect.”
– Zig Zigler

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What is Lead Generation?

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Lead Generation is a straight forward process of identifying, engaging and prospecting potential customers interested in a specific product or service, using various strategies, methodologies, and tools in order to convert them into actual customers.

In other words, lead generation is a ‘digital marketing is the process of identifying and attracting online users as prospects for a business’ (Optimizely).  To achieve this end it uses ‘online channels, tactics, and strategies such as advertising, email campaigns, social media, or offering downloadable content through a landing page’ (Salespanel).

Lead Generation for Local Businesses

How Lead Gen Works Locally?

Lead generation involves two importance processes. 1. getting your website found by others and, once found, 2. converting interested consumers to share their contact info.   Local businesses so far relied on getting and converting local leads by word of mouth and reference from family, friends and organizations. Times have changed and local business owners need to shift their focus on generating more leads locally through online methods because that is where the ‘money’ is. The question is how can you do it effectively? Well, it all depends on how financially strong a company is to set aside a good portion of the budget for paid ads one may think. It’s true that the newer way of generating Google Ads can definitely change the way you run Ads and get leads for as low as few cents, Ads are only one segment of lead generation.  Local businesses can strategically adopt various tools, methods, long-term strategies for consistent long-term lead generation activity.  Organic: Google Business Profile, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Social Media Posting, Customer Engagement,  Web Form, Web Chat Marketing,  Cold Emailing; Community events, Industry conferences and meetups etc.  Paid: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)Display Ads, Local Service Ads, Offline Events, Social Media Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, YouTube Ads.  If you are independent contractors, small business owners and health-practitioners and are struggling to grapple with local lead generation and want to discuss how to go about, do not hesitate to get a free consultation.  For no cost, no commitment you can get as much info as you want to get started.  We serve primarily in and around Port Chester, NY. You may contact us @ 914 222 3327 for quick help. 

Importance of Lead Generation

Businesses cannot last long if they do not have leads (customers).  This was more than evident with the recent crisis everyone faced. One report concludes, ‘more than 2,800 businesses in New York City have permanently closed since March 1, according to data from Yelp…’  At the same time more online businesses have started and interestingly enough many of the existing businesses who much relied on their business without online presence, have made some drastic changes switching over many of their communication online.  This sudden shift has given rise to a huge competition and demand to generate leads for local services, professional services business leads.  To meet this demand companies like Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and many others have enhanced their existing tools, developed completely new tools with advanced features of AI integration.  We are proud to promote our AI backed Google Ads service and Google Ads Management service, enabling us to generate highest leads, better CTR for high ROI all by better managing and optimizing the Google and Bing/Microsoft Ads.  For long local businesses have under estimated the power of Google / Bing Maps.  Do you know just by well optimizing Google Maps (Maps SEO), building better niche citations, you can boost your local ranking for higher organic leads? In short, the demand for leads by local businesses has risen significantly but there are fewer companies who can really deliver better results. If you have no tech skill, no knowledgeable staff to handle your local service Ads, Google Ads, or Web leads….do not hesitate to knock at our door. Our team at ShineOn Local Marketing, NY will come to your aid.  Partnering with good lead lead generation company, gives a fresh-air to small businesses and encourages them to deliver quality service to their community. 

Lead Generation Services For Local Businesses

Our experiences show that 6 out of 10 local businesses do not truly require to go through a rigorous process of SEO. With basic SEO along with other raking strategies can do the work faster and better.  Therefore, we encourage local businesses to do just what is required to get found on google and drive leads.
Businesses that make a first and best impression and propel potential customers decide quickly to choose them over their competitors locally always have one thing in common – their GBP is better optimized to rank on Google Map pack. Get a complete free audit of your google business profile and let us optimize it for powerful new leads everyday.
Google Business Profile (GBP) is the single most important factor for local search rankings, period! Get help to boost your Google Profile. Managing your Google Business Profile is incredibly important for your business. It has a huge impact on your online presence and how you engage with customers. As google is becoming the transactional layer of the Internet regularly updating and optimizing your business profile, has become more than a necessity.  Businesses with busy schedule are prone to lag behind and fail to be up-to-date in every aspect of the profile management. You do disservice to your profile if you do update, actively engage with new customers, respond to reviews, post service details or offers etc. In fact, not doing so, you may hurting your business.
Posting content and regular customer engagement sets apart a successful profile to that of others. Web update, post update, coupons and discount announcement, customer response, review response etc.
Consistency is the key to success. Managing content on GBP is becoming harder for businesses. Get our help to meet this business need.  It pays for itself. Learn More
Optimize your web ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. to Page #1 without long-time contract.
Dominate search engine results with our revolutionary service, achieving 1st page rankings across all search engines without traditional SEO methods. Maximize visibility, drive organic traffic, and elevate your online presence effortlessly. We will be updating this service soon.
Get ahead of the curve adopting the most powerful free tool at your disposal for your web leads for lead capture, discounts, document sharing all with ease of communication with your Whatsapp.
Get 2 months of free lead service just for local business owners.  You have nothing to lose.

SEO for Lead Generation


Having trouble finding new customers for your business?

#Golden Tip: Show Google what it needs to see (Optimize Web Pages)

The best form of  online ranking is ‘organic ranking’, and the best methods to achieve this are also organic.  But to achieve this you need to have time, expertise and a strong foundational work.  How often do you, as a regular Google user, search beyond Google’s first-page search results? That simply indicates that your chances of being found by customer in your locality are slim, if  you are not found on the first page of google for ‘your service keywords.  The following question is obvious, then, how do get there?  Do proper SEO that get you ranked for. SEO is most effective, efficient, measurable and cost effective digital marketing strategy as compared to Digital Ads. The primary goal with SEO Marketing is to rank your web pages for relevant online keyword searches. When your web content and structure is organized professionally, you help google to find you, resulting in outranking your competitors, attracting more customers orgaically and increase your revenue.  Google’s evolving algorithm always puts SEO Pros to test. Therefore, we do not provide any quick fix. We strive to deliver all our SEO projects to the best of our client’s satisfaction and ensure sustainable web traffic to your business.  Partner with us for your SEO needs and achieve long-term success!

Attracting Local Leads With SEO Optimized Local Pages

Find the Cure in the Cause

SEO Optimized Local Pages is one of the powerful web strategies we recommend for organic search results. We first with your website audit, followed by a thorough research into the structural loopholes of your website, trace all the major factors that might be hindering your local site from ranking and address them step-by-step.

Local service websites not easy to rank, because there are 10 – 30 businesses battling to get to the top of the results at any given time. So, how can a business stand out from others. Well, there is no single answer, for the simple reason each of those top ranking businesses have proved local authority over time.  The good news is age not the only factor for getting ranked on google today. One of the solutions we have deploying local landing pages that are basically web pages for every business location you have or would like to expand your business to.  Let’s say, as a plumber, a roofer, a dentist or an attorney you want to generate local leads for your business other than your physical location or area you want to expand your services to.  We do it carefully building local landing pages with rich service related content targeting local intent keywords by which your page can rank easily on google and increase your visibility as a business as a whole. 
We do this by auditing your website first and methodically proceed with On-Page optimization of the existing pages, followed by local page creation for specific locations as required. Once the local pages are indexed, you will definitely see a change in your organic leads.  
(N.B: We inspect critical issues both technologically and manually such as: webpage security (SSL), page responsiveness/load speed, crawler behavior, device compatibility, web compliance, page accessibility, maps, NAP consistency, sitemaps/schema, page links and inter-links, broken links etc.

Using Google Business Profile As Lead Magnet

With our expertise, your business profile will show a progressive growth in less than 2 months.
Leads coming in like never before and reviews generated consistently.
If you don’t see the results as promised (which likely not possible), we will work with you for free until we reach certain target.
1. Enhancing Your Business Listing Will Directly Builds Greater Trust Authority to Your Business.
2. Attract Customers With Special Discounts and Coupons.
3. Optimizing GBP Will Increase Fresh Leads on Autopilot. (without spending on Google Ads).
4. Tangible Increase in Direct Website Visits and Web Conversion.
5. We Can Better Monitor the Reviews, Respond Customers Queries and Fight Spam.
6. Substantially Increase Reviews By Adopting In-house Techniques.
7. Expand and Optimize Your Key Services to Out-Rand Your Competitors.
8. As a Local Business You Can Showcase Your Product & Services.
9. Expand and Optimize Your Key Services to Out-Rand Your Competitors.
10.A Business With Physical Location Will See A Tangible Increase in Customer Inflow.
11.Will Reduce Your SEO, PPC Cost When GBP Is Optimal: Will Skyrocket Web-Visits, Customers and Revenue
12.GBP Search Map Ranking for the Business Category Will Rise Higher Than Your Competitors.

20x Leads With Well-Optimized and Managed GBP Service

GBP optimization is like having a new car from the showroom.  What comes next is a regular maintenance to help it run without any issues for a long time to come.  We always convince our clients that they will get better lead conversion from GBP than their website. (you are still discovered even if you don’t have a  professional website.) This fact alone necessitates that local businesses need to be on top of their GBP.  Never should they undermine or compromise the power of GBP and what it can do to their business positively. In short, if you want to attract your business with ‘quality leads’ on a consistent basis, then treat GBP more than just a tool, as it is used as a lead generating power strategy platform 2023 and beyond.
Every good thing comes with a big time cost, ‘Your Time’.   But, our our hands-free GBP management service has given a sigh of relief to many local business owners.  This service not only will keep your business profile up-to-date, Google starts instantaneously reward your business pushing it higher in map-pack and organic search ranking. Get help to manage your Google Business Profile today. 
Consistency is the key to success. Managing content on GBP is becoming harder for busy local home service business and professional services as well. To meet this ongoing demand, we have come up with a complete hands-free GBP management solution loaded with features.  Put your money where the treasure is. Want to have a conversation? Let’s talk.

Lead Generation With AI Powered Automated Chat Marketing


Convert Web Leads Into Potential Customers - All On Auto-Pilot
A Total Game-Changer for Local Businesses

Helps to increase website conversion Boosts customer engagement and response rates Qualifies website visitors Streamlines the buying experience Saves money on hiring support agents Turns leads into sales with engaging conversation Shortens customer response time and increases sales timeline Provides quick answers to questions 24×7

Employ our 100% customized, unique human and AI inspired engaging conversational chart marketing service for your local lead generation strategy.  Unlike the static simple forms or humans alone assisted live chat service, this new form of  lead generation (Chat Marketing), has superior benefits.   They are fast, to the point, super-engaging, informational, trackable and work anytime and anywhere day or night like your personal assistant.  That’s the power of this tool.  The service fee is so small that even a single lead can cover your entire year’s worth leads.  Our ‘chat marketing’ has proven to work best for all types of small or big business owners, local service industry clients, white-collar professionals ….’you name an industry, we have it set for you.  Our ‘Lead Bots’ for Conversational Chat Marketing and Lead Generation are so intelligent that they have achieved a conversion rate of 237%. They continue to enhance their ability to convert visitors into leads by conducting personalized and interactive conversations. These conversations drive customer engagement, allowing you to capture valuable information for follow-up and eventual conversion. Learn More

                                   Get leads on  Auto-Pilot 


Lead Generation With WhatsApp Chat + Web Marketing

whatsapp chat bot service

Lead Generation

Get 2 months of free lead service just for local business owners.  You have nothing to lose.

Get ahead of the curve by adopting the most powerful free tool at your disposal for your website and phone leads. Use WhatsApp Chats service directly from your website for optimized leads. (English/Spanish).  Convert your visitors into sales up to 20 times. Don’t let your inbound leads go waste. It has never been easier to capture new leads and turn them into sales with the world’s top-ranking app, WhatsApp for Business. You can also use this app for personalized promotions, holiday promotions, sending coupons and discounts, and much more with the ultimate goal of promoting your product or service and converting that initial email submission into sales.. Learn More

                               Get leads on  Auto-Pilot 

Lead Generation through Local SEO Strategy

Employing Laser Targeted SEO Strategies To Get Your Business On The Top of Google

1.Do you own a business that has a physical location and yet finding hard to attract more customers/clients?
2. Do you own a business that provides services within a specified locations?
3. Are you disappointed always forced to spend on Ads for more leads?
4. Are you tired of doing SEO, Social Media etc., only to get insufficient ROI?
Then, it’s time to do just one thing that’s guaranteed to bring insane results.

Talk to us how we can Implement Local SEO for your Business


Boosting Lead Generation Through Niche Business Listings

Put Your Business On The Map With Our Citation Building Services For Guaranteed Results!

Influencing Local Search Visibility With Local Citations

Put Your Business On The Map For Guaranteed Results!

Better and Accurate Your Local Directory Listings, Clearer the Signals Your Business Sends to Google

* GREAT citations hold the keys to successful LOCAL SEO Campaign.
* Maintain consistency and accuracy with NAP data across the web needs constant attention.
* Google rewards consistency and accuracy.
* Brand trust in turn increases local organic traffic and repeat customers.
* NAP Inaccuracy on the other hand gets penalized.
*Businesses with misleading information lose customers + possibility of getting ‘de-indexed’ for search results.
* Citations audit gives a snapshot of where you stand with regards to your online visibility.
* Citations remediation can fix all the gaps and give your Local SEO Campaign a refreshed start.

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